Friday, July 8, 2016

Ulrika Rogland the threats to the family – Expressen

The five year old could not stand the beatings anymore and finally he said to the preschool staff: “I want a new dad.”

Only then dared the mother to testify to police.

the game boy and other vulnerable children talking lawyer Ulrika Rogland about in his “Summer in P1″.

When Ulrika Rogland ended as prosecutors pulled all legal Malmö for breath. She was as not only one of The good guys , but the best. The prosecutor who repeatedly pushed the great objectives which women and children victims of sex crimes, best known for her sat Alexandra Man Atheer Al Suhairy in prison. She would jump off and start a law firm?

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She talks about that in his version of “Summer in P1 “. We ordinary herring Milk think it must be a pain to constantly meet the abused children in his job, the tragic perpetrators, the despairing mothers.

It does not Ulrika Rogland.

She says that what makes her stand out, is just that she is allowed to make the world a little better aningens on the job every day.

Poor organization, too few resources and internal battles, however. The pallets she did not. And that was why she resigned. Today she Claimant counsel and help victims, though in a different way.

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in addition, the commitment and success in the courtroom meant a threatening situation for her and the whole family, and it says she also.

the personal glimpses into the childhood story of how she (and all her Barbie dolls) thought jumping from the roof in any kind of protest. One of the most beloved sisters stopped her at the time, thankfully, because it was pretty loud. But adults lawyer Ulrika Rogland maintains that it is important to accept the challenge. Daring to jump.

Footnote: “Summer in P1″ will be transmitted at 13 in P1. You can also hear the program on Swedish Radio’s website.


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