Monday, July 11, 2016

Blue Train Leif Nylen is dead – Västerbotten Courier

Fun Telegram Blue Train drummer Leif Nylen has passed away, writes Dagens Nyheter . Progressive pioneer who is also the writer and art critic died during the night of Sunday after a brief illness.

Leif Nylen played drums in the legendary prog rock band Blue Train and wrote including “One hand know what the other hand is doing” in 1972. The song had a great impact when Ebba Green did a cover of it, entitled “the state and capital” in 1980.

the Blue train was settled in 1967 and paved the way for the Swedish prog movement by mixing music, politics and art. Torkel Rasmusson, Tore Berger, Carl Johan De Geer, Mats G. Bengtsson, Kjell Westling, urban Yman and Leif Nylen counts of the original members.

The group took off in 1974, but efer Ebba Grön impact aroused curiosity and Blue Train resurfaced periodically in the 80s and 90s.

Leif Nylen was also a prominent art and literary critic and author. Under a pseudonym, he wrote, among other things, the novel “The Brothers Casey” along with PO Enquist and Torsten Ekbom.

Leif Nylen was born in Trondheim. He was 77 years.


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