Sunday, July 3, 2016

Coldplay at Friends Arena in Solna. – Aftonbladet

Ratings song by song

A head full of dreams

Charlie Chaplin gives a speech, the glowing red bracelets that everyone in the audience has been lit up, Chris Martin rushes out on the ledge to the small stage out in the audience and it is burned by fireworks and confetti. Records in multi-arena rock per minute?


The bracelets changes color to yellow-green and Coldplay mangles his first megahit. Stable.

Every teardrop is a waterfall

Multi-Colored bracelets and sing, bombs and more confetti. No excessive remarkable song but powerful show.

The Scientist

Chris Martin at his rainbow colored piano in one of Coldplay’s finest ballads. The entire crowd sings “Nobody said it was easy.”


Doves flying over the screens in one of Coldplay’s more guitar-fueled numbers from the latest album. Hardly their sharpest, though.


Martin back at the piano. Heavy, almost parodic coldplaysk ballad with football boots. In the finale explodes into intense dance remix Tiësto. Lightning … rave rock!

Always in my head

The band sneaks out to the small stage out in the audience and takes down the temper considerably. With Coldplay standards right little show, too.


the crowd: “Hmm … what does it mean that they suddenly play lukewarm” Magic “here, where their Rihanna duet” Princess of China “usually show up, when we know that Rihanna is in town?”


Martin , alone with the piano on the small stage, urging us to send love to Turkey and Baghdad and singing since the big ballad from the last album, with a little Muhammad Ali tribute on the screens.


Back on the main stage affects Coldplay-force fully. One of the band’s real cornerstones just builds and builds and it becomes as intense as powerful.

Charlie Brown

A laser symphony and the introduction spirit phrases from “Midnight” leads into another arena bomb. Without the redemptive climax of “Clocks”, though.

Hymn for the weekend

Coldplay want to let modern tried to max out contemporary feel and hitpotentialen with Norwegian producers. Perhaps most here, where Beyoncé is on the disc. But not the most natural sound of Coldplay.

Fix You

Chris Martin, with the Swedish flag in his back pocket, sitting on his knees on the small stage and sing their great wedding song with the audience, then run back and let the song explode. Impressive.


A remarkably few succeed with David Bowie covers. This version is OK, and Chris Martin makes it remarkably indifferent.

Viva la vida

Right much more fervor in this stadium killer. Who is also yet another explosion of color. Clean children’s party, I kept on writing …

adventure of a lifetime

… if it had fit better at this, where colored balloons fill large parts of the inner planes. Disco Coldplay with the best looking guitar.


in my place

After a snippet “Amazing Grace” in the dark pop Coldplay on a third stage, even further out into the audience, for a liberating intimate rehearsal version of this early pearl.

Do not panic

More rehearsal feeling. The first song from the album “Parachutes”, desired by a girl via Instagram.

God put a smile upon my face

Chris Martin tells how he wrote the song in Stockholm after Coldplay’s first gig here, “some tiny bar” (Kägelbanan it was). He sought “a wintry feeling” but tonight is the most heat.

Amazing day

The band get back to the big stage and delivers a right undistinguished ballad that most functions as breathing …

A sky full of stars

… late opens the sky for more “everything is possible, the world is beautiful “-eufori in technicolor and confetti U2 dampers helöppna.

Up & amp; Up

The Psychedelic films with flying fish and the cars driving on the rings of Saturn frames in this easy – easy! – Soul colored power ballad that would leave us with hope: “we’re gonna get it together somehow” Martin sings at the piano. Stylish final.


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