Sunday, July 3, 2016

Tom Malmquist partner died shortly after her daughter’s birth – Expressen

His child was born and shortly after the death of his partner.

Tom Malmquist’s speech to his daughter’s an emotional bomb without equal.

They thought it was the flu. But it turned out that Tom Malmquist partner had suffered acute leukemia when she was eight months pregnant.

This sommarprat must occasionally be the pause button in order to cope.

Tom Malmquist with surgical precision describing how her daughter is born in an operating room while his dying partner is sedated. He pressed her hand during caesarean section. When the daughter brings in from out his first cry, everything changes.

Now he must live, even though he felt his daughter as a punishment for the first year. She sentenced him to continue his life, despite the boundless grief.

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Tom Malmquist chose their own set of keys

the anecdotes are staggering. Like when Tom Malmquist come home from the hospital for the first time with her daughter, but her partner, who then have gone away, and he stands with both their key rings in his hand. Which should he choose? He chose his own and do not regret it since. As he does not let his wife open the door to their daughter.

Tom Malmquist in Summer in P1

Tom Malmquist’s recollections are amazing articulate. It is when you gasping for air and throat snörps together as one understands the skilful storyteller he is. Everyone can not convey a tragedy so dignified.

And the pitch-black depiction he makes of the boundless mourner archeology – how are traces of the dead through the old shopping lists and fingerprints on the shower nozzle. The grief reaches out to the listener.

At the same time there is hope.

His love for her daughter is so clear and beautiful.

Never have I been more grateful for the I have after listening to this.


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