Sunday, July 3, 2016

Five rapes reported on Bråvalla Festival – Aftonbladet

During the Friday evening and Saturday received four new reports of rape of Bråvalla Festival.

A 25-year-old man was arrested on Friday night for sexual assault after having masturbated middle of a rock concert and served later suspected of rape.

He was later released after questioning.

Overall, the police have so far established five reports of rape during the festival.

at 21:30 pm on Friday night arrested a man in the 25-year-old on suspicion of rape and sexual molestation of Bråvalla Festival. The crimes to have taken place when the American band Tenacious D played on the big stage Panorama.

Suspect in several crimes

It was in connection with the show as two young women should have seen the man masturbate in front of the stage. 25-year-old was singled out as the guards and then arrested by police and taken to the police station on Bråvalla.

– There were established two complaints of sexual harassment. When it came in a third woman to the station would report the same person for rape, says Hans Lippens, spokesperson of the police on Bråvalla.

Although the suspected rape should have taken place during the Tenacious D play.

– It has been held in relation to onaneringtillfället. If it occurred before or after the investigation will tell, Lippens said during Friday evening.

The young women were heard later in the evening. Even technical investigation began.

The man was taken to police headquarters in Norrköping but later released on Saturday morning by prosecutors for questioning.

Alleged rape at the toilet

Just before the 01- time on Saturday morning received a further notification of a suspected rape. A woman has reportedly been raped in connection with a toilet.

At 7:30 o’clock on Saturday morning was the information about the event is very sketchy.

– I do not know so much more about this in the current situation than that we are very keen to secure DNA traces and that all DNA will be compared with each other and are matched with a register, said police spokesperson Thomas Agnevik.

Later on Saturday revealed that another rape were notified on Friday. According to the notification, a woman and a man initially had consensual sex which then turned into a rape, writes the police on their website.

Promoter: Stop

The suspected perpetrator, a man of 20 -årsåldern were brought in for questioning but later released by prosecutors.

– but the suspicion is certainly not written off, it is very rare that it happens so early in this kind of serious investigation, said police spokesman Thomas Agnevik to NT.

the event must have taken place at a camping area.

on Saturday, received a fifth report on rape as a female volunteer during the night to Saturday should have been the victim of a rape of a another volunteer. Currently there is no more information available about the matter, according to police.

On his Facebook page commented the organizers the last day’s events and said to be in constant dialogue with the police about safety at the festival:

– For those of you who can not behave, who can not respect other people: Stop. Stop destroying. Stop taking your freedoms are not yours to take.

Multiple sexual crimes during the festival

During Thursday evening, approximately at 22.30, subjected a woman in her 20s for rape. Although it must have occurred in the audience in front of a stage at Bråvalla, then in connection with Zara Larsson’s concert. Police described it as a “consummated rape”. At present it has no suspect and also no descriptions of the perpetrator.

The police do not rule out that there may be a connection between the abuse.

– It is not entirely out of the question, but it the investigating staff to answer, says Hans Lippens.

in addition to the rape was reported even four sexual molestation during Thursday evening and night. Total now has five rapes and sexual molestation fifteen notified during Bråvalla festival’s first two days.

On Saturday, police have conducted a number of technical measures, including in the form of buccal swab. At 16:30 pm, there was nothing new in the ongoing investigations, according to Hans Lippens.

– The investigations continues in all notifications.


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