Friday, July 8, 2016

Hip hop artist Rastegar is dead – Aftonbladet

The Swedish rapper Vahid Rastegar is dead.

He was 33 years old.
– He was passionate about music. He started when he was 13 years old. He was a poet, says his mother Rana Alfvengren.

Hip Hop Artist and radio host Vahid Rastegar , from Uppsala, has died at 33 years age, reports the P4 Uppland.

– He was really nice and helped people. He really did what he could to his loved ones, his mother says Rana Alfengren .

During his career, he has released the albums “change” and “Live while you can “.

He has previously attracted the attention of Ken Call . Both rappers released several songs together. Among other things, “Beware of the police” and “Suburban Warrior”.

In 2007 won Rastegar Major Radio Prize.

The music was a very large portion of Vahid Rastegars life, says Rana Alfengren.

– He was passionate about music. He started when he was 13 years old. He was a poet, she says.

“He was very gifted”

Vahid Rastegar has also collaborated with the Swedish actor and director Rafael Edholm . Edholm Rastegars directed the music video for the song “Do not let go.”
Nöjesbladet get Rafael Edholm, he has just received the news of death.

– It’s very sad, of course. I’m a little shocked easily. It feels damn boring. He was very talented, he said.

Edholm remember musikvidoinspelningen.
– The video we did was very personal. It was “back to the roots.” We were at his old school yard and streets in Uppsala, he said.

“He had a good laugh”

According Edholm was Rastegar a hot guy he has many good memories with.
– he always had the entire car full of singles. he had new songs on his mobile as he had tried to add different music loops on. Then he had a good laugh. I like that. he had humor and was professional when we worked. There was no doubt. he had a humble approach. Then he talked so plenty of his mother.

Rafael continues:
– I think he had great pathos in his songs. It was not “guns and hoes and dollars signs.” It was a little more the fallnes way up, a desire to come back. It can all identify with that are a few years old. When you go on ironing you have to get up again, says Rafael Edholm.


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