Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Rihanna headed up a meeting with the super fans – Aftonbladet

Pizza, compliments, selfies and hugs.

So was the special hit with Rihanna for fans Ebba Lange, 19, and Hanna Bjorkman, 17.
– it was like talking to a best friend, says Ebba about the meeting.

During Rihanna’s concert at Tele2 Arena in Stockholm called Rihanna on stage to Ebba Lange .

– She said “Good to see you girl. That’s my navy right there. “

The Navy’s what Riri call their fans.

After the concert stood Ebba Lange, along with Hanna Björkman and the rest of the friends in the car Rihanna go ii wait to get a glimpse of the star.
– Rihanna’s bodyguard got out, walked up to me and asked who it was who was with me at the concert. I pointed at us all four, but it was just me and Hanna had to follow, says Ebba Lange.

Rihanna asked for the meeting

On the way into said Ebba to one of the guards that she was nervous. Then he showed her his telephone conversation with one of Rihanna’s best friends. It turned out that Rihanna asked her friend to send a picture of the girls to the guards so that they could look them up.
– I was of course shocked that there is a picture of me in her phone and that she even wanted to meet us.

Once invited the crew of pizza and saw that the girls were allowed to drink water.
– When Rihanna came out, we went at each other and she hugged us both at the same time and said, “you are so beautiful . I love you”. It was like talking to a best friend. She was very natural, cozy and chill. RIHANNA IN SWEDEN Here goes the star against red heart of Stockholm

Took selfies

– I said it was her fault that my makeup was completely ruined because I cried so much during the song Diamonds. Then she laughed and said “you cried first,” and said it was cute. Then she picked up my cell phone and we took a lot of selfies, says Ebba.

Rihanna assured also that the girls would come home safely.
– She turned to her bodyguard and said “see that they come home safely, “and so she went.
According to Ebba Rihanna has seen to it that the bodyguards have just driven home fans before, but the gang chose to share a taxi. READ ALSO Rihanna tribute to Stockholm


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