Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer in P1: Bertil Hult – Göteborgs-Posten

Fun Review : The back sewn pockets will be a fun detail.

Bertil Hult founded the language travel company EF Education First, has been named this year’s Swedish and run with the Olympic flame. It is not surprising if you expect a little catchy sommarprat about making career. But it gets the listener fortunately not.

Hult tells course of his extensive history as a businessman. He starts from the beginning in childhood and how it was growing up with dyslexia. He stops at the fun details, like the head stitched back pockets of his pants and it became an awakening because he understood that it was up to him to make something of his life.

The details disappear a little on the road and found first again at the end. Instead, it is most interesting when he talks about his own dyslexia, the research on it, and he founded the Foundation whose goal is that all children should be able to read when they leave primary school.
Hult’s story is about to turn a difficulty to a success and is just the right personal. There is also a reason that it is the form that is the norm when it comes to Summer in P1 – it’s an equally safe bet that a 1-2-3 team herring.


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