Monday, April 4, 2016

Betnér and Ismail doing a shame for Sweden 2 – come to Umeå – Västerbotten Courier

Fun Humor show A disgrace to Sweden has been shown to full houses and named the year’s performance at the Swedish stand-up gala. Now comes a sequel to Magnus Betnérs and Soran Ismail popular satire meditations – which makes a stop in Umeå.
– There are two really good stand-up comedian who share a scene, says Umeå-lover Betnér to VK.

he calls a disgrace to Sweden 2 for a standalone sequel, a new stand-up show that is “even better than the last.” Like its predecessor mixing the known comedians sharp and satirical contemporary meditations that can be picked up as late as the same day. Therefore, it is difficult to say right now what the show will revolve around.

– It’s a bit of the charm of the stand up, I think, that I and Soran can add and subtract after which things happen, says Magnus Betnér.

he himself is an experienced improviser and one of the least scripted comics in the Swedish stand-up scene.

– Our job is to “fool” the audience to come on everything in the moment. Some evenings it is a lot of improvisation, others almost nothing, he says.

A new, demand feature in the show, designated the Year show at the Swedish stand-up gala, is a common part with Soran and Magnus on stage at the same time.

– we have responded to our fans, at least right now, but we can not guarantee that it will look like once we are running out of time, says Magnus Betnér.

a shame for Sweden is a huge success, largely due to the two comedians long built up an audience out there in the country by diligently turnernade, think Magnus.

There is an occasionally heated tone of the debate surrounding the many issues affecting you. Do you think people may have a need to hear jokes about it?

– I think that really, many have heard of and said that it is so nice to have someone who eases the pressure. That’s really when I think that stand up best, when you dig into the people think is hard.

Autumn tour is comprehensive with a full 47 nailed the date of writing. Magnus Betnér has toured more or less continuously in recent years, and for him it is actually an exceptionally quiet year.

– I’ve pulled down from when I had the most. I still make about 150 shows a year, it’s probably the most of all the comedians in Sweden, but it was easier before, when her daughter did not need to be in school every day, he says.

You start getting great routine on stage, but it happens sometimes that you become lost completely?

– It may happen that sometimes I lose the thread, absolutely, but not in an obvious way and become silent. It has some sort of panic reflex that starts coming in when it happens. You learn to stand up by standing before an audience, so little I’ll surely have learned in these years.

Many think that tour life is tiring, but Magnus Betnér feel just the opposite.

– I’m anywhere on the tour. It is not always so fun to sit in the car for five hours to go to a city where you do not know someone, and then drag back home. But here, when I go with someone I like, we have a super comfortable sound engineer and can bring friends or family, it’s really fun.

The tour stops at the Aula Nordica Umeå November 30, and Magnus Betnér looking forward to the stop. Umeå He calls one of his favorite cities.

– I usually do not say about a lot. I’m very good in Umeå, it is a beautiful city with an energy that I like. It’s actually one of my favorite top, so I go there now and then when I’m not working. Most cities are not very fun, so you should be happy, he says.


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