Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ferry anger: “What is wrong with you?” – Expressen

Jockey Star Inez Karlsson, 32, had an outbreak of the ski legend Bjorn Ferry, 37, in Sunday’s episode of “Masters champion.”

Today, they are still at loggerheads over event.

– I just looked at him and thought: “What’s wrong with you?” she says.

It was a new team that went into the “Masters champion” in this weekend’s section – and they were put to the test right away.

in the first race in Sunday’s section would divide into two teams and pushing weights against each other’s hands. The team that managed to stay at the win.

Bjorn Ferry and Inez Karlsson was in the same team. But Bjorn Ferry betrayed his teammates and dropped his weight after just a few minutes – and Inez Karlsson and former basketball pro Kicki Johansson, 53, were themselves trying to win the competition.

Inez Karlsson is critical of Bjorn Ferry

At the end of the program showed Inez Karlsson their anger against Bjorn Ferry.

– He plays the small game here. The first contest with Bjorn, I did not because he did his best. It actually made me a little askew, she says.

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Bjorn Ferry was unsympathetic to criticisms.

– The was the first branch and I lost the wheel. But it was not deliberate and that was what saved us. For it was easier to be two than to be three, he said.

When Expressen calling Inez Karlsson after recording the time she is still angry over how Bjorn Ferry chose to act during their time in Spain.

– He was not a team player. I did not know that he did his best for the team, she says.

Inez Karlsson also says that Ferry in the second race of the program focused in part on her – and did everything that she would lose.

– It was obvious. I thought: Are you here to destroy the other – or are you here to win ?, she says.

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Bjorn Ferry strikes from against Inez Karlsson’s harsh words that he is playing a game:

– I do not agree with, he says.

“he had an ulterior motive”

Meanwhile, Inez Karlsson critical Björn Ferry was acting during the time between races.

– he was the kind of person he was really check and thought he was really funny. But he is not so funny, with those bad jokes. He had an ulterior motive in everything, she says.

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