Thursday, April 7, 2016

He will play Christer Pettersson – Aftonbladet

Christer Pettersson was the main suspect in the murder of Olof Palme.

Now, Thorsten Flinck, 54, play the main role in the movie about his life.

the film “Christer P – a suspected murderer story” made by the writers Dick Andersson and Emilio Di Stefano . Starring as the notorious Christer Pettersson is played by Thorsten Flinck . The film will reflect the “man behind the headlines.”

– I really do not know what weighs over, my empathy or my dislike for this man – or both. I must, of course, purely private, first and foremost consider, as I then as practitioners of the role Christer Pettersson has the task of searching the evil of the good and the good of evil, says Thorsten Flinck in an email to ETC Stockholm .

“the film wants to find the answer to the question of what happens to a person who becomes famous in the whole country as the prime minister’s killers,” writes output in a press release.

This year, 30 years since Prime Minister Olof Palme was shot by a cinema in central Stockholm. It was not long before the suspicions directed against the then 39-year-old Christer Pettersson.

– There must surely was one of the most difficult roles you can give on the Swedish film, says Thorsten Flinck in a video clip on the film’s website.

“Christer P” will be financed by a fundraising campaign with the goal to collect 400,000 crowns in 30 days.

Christer Pettersson died in 2004, after a brief illness. READ ALSO Thorsten Flinck: “I’m really lonely”


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