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Master Chef winner: “Got blackout” – Göteborgs-Posten

Catarina König gave everything in the final – it paid off. She took revenge and can now call himself “the Swedish master chef” in 2016.
 - I got a blackout, I only remember that I did not get any air, she says of victory.

Master chef: I got blackout

It was with mixed emotions that Daniel Lakatosz and Catarina König took on the final menu in TV4′s “Swedish master chef”: gratin lobster, walleye with accessories and final cake. None of them had any great experience in cooking either first or main course.
– It felt sweaty, tedious and difficult. I was hoping for a fat piece of meat as the main course, says Catarina König.

While Daniel Lakatosz chose more traditional solutions focused Catarina König more uncertain short finals through.
– I think it’s boring to do the original, I want to do something new, she explains.

the strategy went home of the jury – Leif Mannerström felt that her lobster and walleye were well daring, albeit tasty.
After the first two dishes were still uncertain outcome. The finale felt smooth.

Then it was time for cake. Daniel Lakatosz earlier in the season won a cake contest and was therefore considered the heavy favorite. But when he would build up his cake, he was not at all to sue.
– I like everything under control but then something happens, I do not get it. I was not satisfied with the appearance on the outside, that’s where it broke me, says Daniel Lakatosz.

When the jury then named Catarina König as the winner, she was a blackout.
– It was sick. I really gasp to get any air. They stand there and injects it where gold is at one and one becomes so very overwhelmed, “Wait, is little I here and win,” she says.

With the victory, she really revenge for last season when she also raced in the “Swedish master chef” but ended up just outside the top twelve.
– then I felt right when I went home that “I am looking back.” During the past year I have become a little more psyched, a little stronger, says Catarina König.

With earnings she receives SEK 250 000 and in addition the ability to issue its own cookbook – “Every day is a celebration” lands in bookstores this week.
– It’s really me in a nutshell. Now I’m going out and market it, and then get this wave take me some where it wants to, and so I will stay where I feel I want to be. The food world is so big, I want to feel my way and get some experience before I decide what to do, says Catarina König.

Master Chef best tips.

Catarina König:

Age: 31 years.
From: Sigtuna, living in Uppsala.
Background: Driver and working everyday in a clothing store in Uppsala. Raced in the “Swedish master chef” already last year, but was knocked out in and ended up just outside the top twelve.
Current won the final of the “Swedish master chef” against Daniel Lakatosz. Her cookbook “Every day is a celebration” will be released on 7 April.

Previous winners of the Swedish master chef:

2011: Louise Johansson.
2012: Sigrid Bárány.
2013: Jennie Walldén.
2014 : Amir Kheirmand.
2015 Sandra Mastio.


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