Monday, April 4, 2016

Thus ends the “New angry carpenter” – Aftonbladet

After two seasons now terminates Per “Pirre” Starrin as “New angry carpenter” Channel 5th

Instead, the “original” Anders Over the Farm back with a new season of “angry carpenter” in the fall.

– If truth be told, I’m not so angry, says Starrin.

Two seasons was enough.

Now stop it is not so angry carpenter Per “Pirre” Starrin , 47, as the host of Channel 5′s “New angry carpenter”.

– If truth be told, I’m not so angry, it’s Anders Over the farm much better, says Starrin.

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It was last year that Anders Over the Farm , 48, dropped out of “Angry carpenter” to instead make “Angry joiner VIP “. He was replaced by Per “Pirre” Starrin, which now choose to end up with his new assignment, as Handed The blog was the first to report.

Now Starrin instead to focus on their own projects.

– it takes a lot of time to do the program, and I’m doing lots of other stuff.

What do Channel 5 on it?

– There is no “hard feelings”. I said I want to continue and develop. Then I have incredibly much work and young children and the family, so I had to fit the puck and move on, he says.

Instead, now Anders Over the farm back in the role of “himself”, then “Angry carpenter “is resurrected in the fall.

– You could say that I was a substitute teacher for him when he needed some rest, says Starrin.

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