Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Where’s Laleh going? – Sweden’s Radio

The beloved artist Laleh told me today that her new album Crystals released in September. Therefore, we put together a hefty playlist, and ask ourselves the question – where are the Laleh going?

During her career, her sound developed, which made it anything but easy to pinpoint what Lalehs specific sound is. Her unique voice and phrasing different way, however, that all too often can directly point to a new track with the singer.

In this playlist, we have tried to capture Lalehs width. The largest own singles are obviously here, but also those that made her unique from the beginning, she worked with in recent years, and some other interesting things.

Laleh is more than their own albums. She has, for example, lent her voice to both “rock guys” Pugh and Stefan Sundström as house producer Style of Eye. And certainly remember most of her version of Eva Dahlgren’s Angel in the room from So much the better, or for that matter Lena Philip’s version of Lalehs Live Tomorrowland in the same program? But we have also tapped into an ABBA cover that might been some past.

Finally, we put little focus on her career in the United States. For the song Boom showcases a different side of Laleh, and we have seen more of while she worked with other artists. For the past few years, she has written and produced for stars like Ellie Goulding, Demi Lovato and Torri Kelly and for only a few weeks ago, she released a duet with Adam Lambert. The sound there is, for lack of another word, more mainstream than before.

So where does Laleh their music on the new album, in an entirely new direction, or perhaps for the more commercially viable? An indication we get April 8, when the new single Just get right myself released. Answers will then in the form of crystals album, released in September. Until then, help yourselves with a packed playlist.

Kulturnytts together knåpade Laleh playlist:

  • Big Brother
  • Live Tomorrow
  • Der Yek Gosche
  • Call On Me
  • Princess
  • Bjuröklubb
  • Some Die Young
  • Spring first day
  • Goliath
  • Wish I Could Stay
  • Snow
  • The Invisible (My Song)
  • Colors
  • Boom
  • Chiquitita (ABBA cover)
  • the angel in the room (Eva Dahlgren cover)
  • Live Tomorrow (Lena Philip’s version)
  • Camouflage (Timbuktu version of Invisible)
  • Welcome to the Show – Adam Lambert feat. Laleh
  • A handful nutrition – Stefan Sundström feat. Laleh
  • A little boy – Pugh Rogefeldt feat. Laleh
  • Here With Me – Style Of Eye feat. Laleh
  • Stone Cold – Demi Lovato (Laleh, songwriter / producer)
  • I Do What I Love – Ellie Goulding (Laleh, songwriter / producer)
  • Should’ve Been Us – Tori Kelly (Laleh, songwriter / producer)

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