Sunday, May 8, 2016

Caroline caught fire during the final race – Expressen

Caroline Ek encounter problems during tonight’s finale of “Eternal Glory”.

Several times during a branch summarizes kick boxer fire.

– I met the torches several times, it seemed dramatically out, she says.

Now it is clear that it will kick boxer Caroline Ek, 32, and ice hockey player Peter “Foppa “Forsberg, 42, which make up the profits in tonight’s finale of” Masters ‘champion’ on SVT.

after the semifinal got enduro driver Anders Eriksson, 42, leave the program after great trouble completing the competition’s first branch.

and even in the final difficulties arose, this time for Caroline Ek.

her previous shoulder injury made itself felt during the finale branches, arm walk, and to get ahead, she needed to swing by legs.

Several times during the pressing finals she took fire when she came too close to torches which were on the side of the runway, she said.

– I had some problems with the shoulder when I was down there, it was so painful for me to drive on with the arm walk so I had to find a technique that does not hurt so much, then it was more that I swung, she says and continues:

– then went I’m out there on the side all the time so I hit the torches several times, it seemed dramatically out.

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Caroline Ek says she does not hurt when the fire flared up.

– It did not hurt, but I noticed that the fire was flying, she says.

she says that all details affect the outcome, but the incidents themselves are not upset her chance of winning the title of “Eternal Glory”.

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Caroline Ek has eight national championships, a European Championship and three World Championship gold as a kick boxer.

Shoulder injury she pulled on during that time were treated before she flew to Andalusia to participate in “Eternal Glory”.

– I got extracorporeal shockwave therapy before I went down, and it was certainly not helped by being down there and work, she says:

– But I got to the finals, so I’m happy anyway. And now the shaft well again.

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