Sunday, May 8, 2016

Petra Mede clearance for the Eurovision – Express

Petra Mede had to cancel rehearsals for severe back pain, and rest up at home since then.

On Sunday’s press conference Eurovision TV host himself about the problems, and gave a new notice of their status.

– It’s very good, says Petra Mede.

It was on Monday that Petra Mede , 46, and Måns Zelmerlöw, 29, had to cancel rehearsals.

This after Petra Mede suffered from severe back pain. The host, who suffers from SRS, segmental motion pain, was helped by SVT’s medical staff, and has since been resting up at home. During today’s press conference had Hosted by a pillow as a support behind your back.

She has thus missed rehearsals of the two between acts throughout the week.

Petra Mede: “Then it will be worse”

During Sunday’s press conference Eurovision TV host himself about the problems. Then the Mede with new information about their status.

– It’s very good, Mede says and continues:

– I have since a long time problems with my back. And now and then it gets a little worse. But I have been very well looked after. And now I’m back in the game, so it’s no problem.

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SVT’s crisis plan Eurovision

SVT has an emergency plan in case Petra Mede would not be able to implement the advanced between acts that caused back problems.

– There is always a plan B and plan C. We have to think so. Right now it is not up to date. But we have people who work with it. It is in their missions, including mine, to have a backup of everything. This applies to both humans and satellite links. Petra will come back in much better shape, said Stojanovic Saturday.

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Petra Mede Guests also have access to care. She has previously received massages and treated by a chiropractor.

– Absolutely. There will be someone here all the time, has Stojanovic said.

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