Friday, May 6, 2016

Ola Salo struggling valiantly in tough show – Aftonbladet

Ola Salo struggling valiantly as glam rock breaker Hedwig.

In a performance that is more a concert than musical.

A tenacious concert with long between snack.

the illusion must be to Hedwig and the band Angry inch got a gig at the empty Gota Lejon because “Beck – the Musical” was abandoned before the premiere was over.

It’s a fun idea in Swedification, but otherwise “Hedwig and the angry inch ‘most tired jokes to try and whiten song number. The idea should be to Hedwig’s obsessed with a former love who is now the world-famous rock singer Tommy Gnosis. He plays at the Civic Square, and now and then we hear pieces from Tommy’s concert.

Most, however, it Hedwig Hedwig telling and singing.

Hedwig’s life has been a lot of drama. From childhood as Hansel in the former East Berlin to meet with an American soldier who wants to Hansel do a sex change. The end result of the operation becomes bloody, Hansel becomes Hedwig moving to the United States.

Now, Hedwig married to Yitzhak ( Lis Stadell ), which have their own sångardrömmar but treated badly on the stage of self-absorbed Hedwig.

Much drama, but the show has no drama. It’s the kind of show where the audience cheering for clothes and wigs.

Most of the songs are uniformly thick uninteresting, but a few stand out. Not that they would like to see another concert with Hedwig, or worse, Tommy Gnosis.

When I had been more curious and tempted to buy a ticket for “Beck – The Musical”.

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