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Olle’s mother about her last meeting with her son – Expressen

During the last meeting with Olle Ljungström understood his mother that the end was near.

A day after the people dear artist’s death, the family gathered for the funeral – but they no answers from the police investigation.

Now, says Misse Ljungström about the last conversation with his son.

– It’s spring now, and it was fine. But he was very ill, she said.

It has been a day since Olle Ljungström found dead in home care staff in his residence in the village Gräfsnäs outside Alingsås.

the people dear artist was only 54 years old, and the last time he lived alone and sick, telling his mother Misse Ljungström, 72.

his friends had rolled schedule to be there as support towards the end, says close friend and artist Kleerup.

– We were a rotating gang that was there and helped him every second, every third week. Was there for him.

Olle Ljungström had a close relationship with his mother and Misse Ljungström greeted his son in Gräfsnäs as recently as last week.

Then he was really bad, she says.

РI remember clear as glass. I was at his home last week and greeted says Misse Ljungstr̦m continues:

– It’s spring now, and it was fine. But he was very sick.

Olle Ljungström and his mother talked about everyday things, but she knew it was close.

– We knew it would end like this, so it was not a bit strange if I say so. But it feels terrible that he’s gone.

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The family has still not received any detailed information about the cause of death. Long weekend complicate the process and the police classification remains unchanged.

On Wednesday cordoned Olle Ljungström’s home and the initiation of a standard process investigation for murder, alternatively murder.

The technicians did however find nothing to substantiate a suspect crime.

– However, the classification remains, the body should be autopsied sometime next week and we change’s not a crime headline when we do not know for sure. The remains until all the pieces are laid, says Ulla Brehm, spokesperson for the police in West Bengal.

Olle Ljungström’s family is now gathered in Stockholm, where they slowly but surely trying to plan the funeral and digest what happened.

– We take one thing at a time. We should not rush with anything, we take it slow and talking in the family and we make sure that we do the best for him, she says and continues:

– We are gathered everyone as much as we can and it feels good.

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Since Olle Ljungström died, his friends, the Swedish artists, contacted Misse Ljungström. They have shown their support, and she is very grateful and even impressed that trigger her son made the music Sweden.

– His friends are so amazingly goa and cute, he has so much old friends and all get in touch with hugs and they think of us. They are dismayed and that stuff, so we feel really well cared for by his friends and also by professionals, he has been in contact with. Although we do not know them, they have heard of us. We really feel a huge support, it feels great.

– It takes time before you land. It feels good with all this attention in any way. It makes you remember that a healthy Olle.

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