Friday, May 6, 2016

It is this year’s set of “Stars in the Castle”. – Aftonbladet

Four actors and Magnus Uggla.

It is the year set in “Stars in the Castle”.

Lia Boysen has declined several times, but in the end it was a yes – because her family owns the castle as the program is recorded on.

– This is my neighborhood since I was little, she says.

Now it is clear who will be moving in on Eric’s castle for a week in July. In the next season of SVT’s “Stars in the Castle” participates Johannes Brost 69 Sofia Ledarp 42 Lia Boysen 50 Magnus Uggla , 61, and Gunnel Fred 60.

Lia Boysen feels the castle and the surrounding area is already home. Her mother lives nearby. Furthermore, her grandmother grew up in the castle, and is now living her second cousin there.

– This is my neighborhood since I was little. Since I have a connection to it, it had almost felt strange not to be there, says Lia Boysen.

But it was still not clear to participate. She has turned down twice before.

– For many years, I have said no to things that are private. I have kept me pretty much sidelined. If it appears very private, I’m afraid my private I am standing in the way of the role of the characters I do, she says.

Lia Boysen already know many of the other participants. Gunnel Fred is a close friend for a long time, and she has met both Johannes Brost and Sofia Ledarp in the job context.

– Owl I do not feel at all. So it will be the most exciting of course. READ ALSO SVT reported for pork on the table

Johannes Brost looking forward to be in the “Stars in the Castle”.

– it was time, he said.

he says he has looked pretty much the program.

– some have been very nice and entertaining, and some have been moaners who smokes at loggerheads on each other. I’m absolutely not interested, there is so much misery in this world anyway. One can socialize, talk about the various adventures in a nice way instead, says Brost.

What will be the role of the castle then?

– no, I do not. Not whining nail in any case.

What are you looking forward the most?

– I look forward to these amazing women. I love to hang out with women. I do both leisure and business. It is very much more pleasant to work with women. There is so much more pleasant.

– Since I’m really looking forward to seeing Magnus Uggla, who I do not know well, but I think he is an amazing artist. READ ALSO fracas is what we will remember the “Stars in the Castle”


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