Friday, May 6, 2016

Pr-trick was a charged meeting – Aftonbladet

was writing something about the eternal anti-band Radiohead most began to feel as polished PR machinists, too.

But it turns out the new single “Burn the witch “to be just fine.

My DN colleague Sara Martinsson set the other day finger on something interesting, how the music of later time has tended to overshadow behind the increasingly spectacular grip the stars taking to the order to launch it.

the media coverage, and sometimes even criticism, tend to be more about gifted promotional strategies than if the single or album the artist actually trying to sell.

Radiohead can be seen as one of the pioneers in the field. Even before the Internet seriously took over our lives decided the Oxford band to go under the media radar and start doing things their own anti-fashion. Communicate through cryptic messages on their site and the surprise release new music alongside the usual channels. Ideas and grip, such as Beyoncé and Kanye West has now taken further and provided with a more commercial twist.

So when it became known that Radiohead had emptied their various digital platforms for content and sent letters to selected fans with the text “Sing a song of sixpence that goes / burn the witch / we know where you live” I was most little tired. Well, that today’s sophisticated PR stunt. Who does something in the morning, approximately.

But then I listen to the new single “Burn the Witch” and watching the video and finds that it is both the best song from Radiohead in a long time. And that the British enough can have a bigger idea.

Thom Yorke is as usual far from crystal clear in the text, but the frantic strings and synths together with phrases to avoid eye contact and red crosses painted on the doors builds a mesmerizing atmosphere.

the video is brilliant. An animated film, however, in the 60th century style of an idyllic small town where the cute harmony prevails, but fear of the unknown germinate and give birth to pure evil under the surface.

Once the images meet the music will be very loaded. Sweet and salty, darkness and light alternately. Classic ingredients in a lot of the best rock.

And the parallels to contemporary currents in “Burn the Witch” is of course obvious, making the song a vital part in the political wave that has generated so much of this spring’s strongest music.

this summer, Radiohead’s ninth album, reportedly titled “Dawn chorus”.


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