Friday, May 6, 2016

They are ready for this year’s “Stars in the Castle” – Expressen

Now let SVT the new participants in the “Stars in the Castle”.

In the next season we will see Magnus Uggla, Johannes Brost, Gunnel Fred, Sofia Ledarp and Lia Boysen front of the camera, reports said.

– Here the real thing comes, says Johannes Brost.

In July, it recording start for this year’s round of “Stars in the castle”. Celebrities who should be working under the same roof at Eric’s castle called this time, Lia Boysen, Johannes Brost, Gunnel Fred, Sofia Ledarp and Magnus Uggla.

In the program, participants will get to know each other before an audience of millions. But Johannes Brost, 69, is not afraid to come under the microscope.

– theater play on stage. Here the real thing comes, he said.

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Similarly, actor Gunnel Fred, 60, has now decided to open up to the viewers.

– But with age I have perhaps become more sure of my true integrity is and can be a little more bjussig with others, she says to TT and continues:

– I’m curious about all of us – how they started, how they decided to choose this path. I think that is always fun to hear people’s motives for the choices they have made.

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another of the participants feel particularly at home on the set.

– My grandmother grew up on Eric’s castle and I have visited the castle since I was little, says Lia Boysen said.

Earlier Lia Boysen been hesitant to join to share his private life.

– I have refused over the years to the very many such situations where one is private, because I feel it stands in the way of the roles I do, she said.


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