Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Russian venture a ploy by Putin “- Aftonbladet

Russia’s initiative is lavish attempt to wash clean the country’s reputation for antigaylagarna, says Russian LGBT voices.

In an interview with Svenka Daily Tatjana Vinnichenko, chairman of the LGBTQ Russia, its fear of Russian victory.

– You can not hold hands. No one should have to risk being knocked down in the subway, she tells the magazine.

Russian artist Sergey Lazarev is a big favorite in this year Eurovsion song contest.

Meanwhile, the favorite exclusion generated debate about the climate for LGBT people in the country since the introduction of the law on “homosexual propaganda” in 2013.

Russia pumped large sums even in the last year’s contribution, “A Million Voices” with Polina Gagarina . Russian LGBT voices talking openly about investments that Putin’s ploy to wash clean Russia’s reputation before the world.

– President Vladimir Putin cares about winning. By Lazarev want to attract Europe to Russia. Putin said that there is no discrimination against LGBT people in Russia. Wins Lazarev will the victory be used as a symbol to show that the situation of gay is okay, says Tatjana Vinnichenko , Chairman of the LGBTQ Russia to the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

“No one should be discouraged “

In an interview with Aftonbladet says Sergey Lazarev that he hopes that a victory will make life better for the Russian LGBT people.

– I think if we win Eurovision comes to Russia then it will be a good support for gaycommunityn. It will help to get started talks on rights and other issues relating gaycommunityn.

But then antigaylagarna are rainbow flags and other objects with LGBTQ clutch strictly prohibited. And LGBT people traveling to the country in danger of going bad, says Tatjana Vinnichenko.

– They can not express themselves in the same way as at home. It is not just about symbols, you can not hold hands. No one should have to risk being knocked down in the subway, she told Swedish daily.

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got into trouble during the winter Olympics

at the Russian 2014 winter Olympics were treated LGBT people different from heterosexuals, when a Russian victory fear Tatjana to LGBT people will be denied a visa to travel to the country.

– I am afraid that there will be a similar situation. They did not even rent rooms in hotels. Staff went on toes and were asked to contact the authorities if they suspected that someone was gay, she told Swedish daily.

Sergey Lazarev preparing to boos in the arena.

– I think it’s a little unfair to us as artists, because we are here for the music, we are here with positive messages, we do our best to represent our country, but we do it with music and please vote if you like the song and the artist, he says Nöjesbladet.

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