Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Russian juror poked by fouls – Aftonbladet

The secret jury call directly sent straight out on the web.

The EBU was alerted late in the night and now has poked juror.

– Since yesterday night we have mapped what happened in the Russian jury room, says the Eurovision song Contest event manager Sietse Bakker Nöjesbladet.

in a seven-minute clip sent one of Russia jury members from the closed jury room. During the meeting gave the jury their points for contributions in tonight’s first semifinal on the basis of yesterday’s publikrep. The clip was watched by several thousand people.

Late in the night the EBU was alerted about the incident and during the first day of discussions with the Russian broadcaster RTR themselves suggested that the responsible member would be turned off. During the afternoon tucked person from this year’s competition and get their votes from yesterday annulled.

Revealed score

– Since last night we have mapped what happened in the Russian jury room. We have made sure to translate what is said in the video and talked to the independent notary who were present and in addition to the Russian manager of the jury voting also was present along with his assistant, says the Eurovision Song Contest event manager Sietse Bakker Nöjesbladet.

the EBU notes that it is not an offense to broadcast live from the jury room as long as they do not reveal the score, but believes that the time is not in accordance with the atmosphere you want the event to have and the risk that the results would be revealed.

Armenia fared

During the meeting spoke another member positive about the Armenian contribution on the grounds that hens partners came from Armenia.

the member does not turn off.

– We have investigated whether the jury delivered the score is honest and true and have concluded that they are. I can not go into why because that would be able to reveal details of the jury score, but it was important to come up with a decision on this before tonight’s live broadcast, said Sietse Bakker.

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