Sunday, July 10, 2016

So hailed Malou TV4 colleagues after the revelation – Aftonbladet

After Malou von Sivers frank “Summer” in P1 hailed her big by colleagues.

Numerous tributes poured into her cell phone during her holiday in the Greek island world .

– Lasse Bengtsson called because he liked the program, he sat in the car and had listened, she says.

Malou von Sivers , 63, has courted wide after his sommarprat, even though she is on holiday in the Cyclades in the Greek islands.

following the broadcast of P1, she has been showered in accolades through sMS, Twitter and phone.

– Boy, it’s been quite incredible and it continues at all times in all ways one can touch. There are hundreds who have heard of him. I began to respond to everyone, but it was almost too much.

Hailed by TV4 colleagues

Many people have heard of directly to Swedish Radio.

– There are many who recognize themselves and experienced similar things. There have been many strong messages from many different people. READ ALSO Malou von Sivers was beaten by her father throughout childhood

Many colleagues and friends have been in touch directly to her.

Maria Schottenius , Suzanne Osten , who also wrote about his father, Jenny Östergren emailed Anna Lindmarker tweeted and Lasse Bengtsson which I worked was one of the first to be called.

– We have worked together for many years so it was great that he called. Many who call themselves recognize their own stories from their own families. Lasse telephoned that he thought about the program, he sat in the car and listened.

“No coincidence that I became a journalist”

After the program has Malou von Sivers gone along with the beaches and let the program sink in. She believes that those tough experiences are part of what attracted her to become a journalist and that background has not been unimportant in getting others to open up around her heart.

– I get so many confidences to me think that by telling things that are indebted to help many others. It is perhaps no coincidence that I chose to be a journalist and to report on and talk about the dark side of society, that’s all the time where I move. READ ALSO After the anger against TV4 now respond Malou


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