Sunday, November 27, 2016

This hailed “Happy Hudik-Bosse” with its own statue – Aftonbladet

Bo “Bosse” Östlin, known from the Glada Hudik theatre, passed away last year.

Now hailed he with a private heated statue in the center of Hudiksvall.
– Bosse should always available for hugs, ” says Johanna Dark, communicator at Glada Hudik-teatern.

In kanalparken in Hudiksvall was the first Sunday of advent extra special. 15 hailed the “Happy Hudik”-the theatre – Bo “Bosse” Östlin, who died of a stroke earlier in the year.

Now He got his own statue that is a representation of him. In front of a hundred people unveiled the statue with pomp and circumstance, ” says Johanna Dark, communicator at Glada Hudik-teatern.
– It had gathered a huge amount of people on the square in Hudiksvall, she says to Nöjesbladet.

The politician, sculptor Hanna Beling and executive director Per Trané who told me about Bosse. In order to pay tribute to Hudik-personality was his favorite music.
– His favorite song was, above all, the "Poor farmhand". It was his best song ever. the Östen Eriksson from "the East with the rest" came and performed it.

Inside the statue there are heating coils which means that it is always warm. The heat should urge that we should never stop hugging each other.
– It should not be covered with snow. Bob shall always be available for hugs. You can go and warm himself at Bosse freeze.

Johanna Dark describes Bob as a person with a big heart.
– He was so obvious in it. All would be with and everyone got to be there. He made no distinction between people. I think it was the largest with Bosse. For him it was all equal. But it was a cliche. Anyone who came to us received a hug from Bob.

What do you think he would say if he could see that he got his own statue?
– Probably he would be thrilled and take it home to his apartment. He collected things. On the names and images of those he loved, ” says Johanna Dark.


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