Friday, April 1, 2016

“Eddie The Eagle” – Expressen

Crash! Boom! Bang! Eddie the Eagle tumbles down from another ski jumping tower, but the land still soft in the center.

With maxed bromance, topped with a scoop eighties kitsch, it is impossible to resist this feel-good experience.

the true story of how the Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards , against all odds, managed to qualify for the Olympics in Calgary in 1988′s made for sentimental comedy. Not least given that Eddie was the first British have ever competed in ski jumping – and came last. But instead of being mocked, he became a beloved anti-hero, and a rare evidence that it may be more important to participate than to win.

The movie makes it not so miserable. Here is a malevolent Olympic Committee, a bunch of bullying pro jumper, a sullen working-class father and a supportive mother. But above all, there is this Eddie, played by the charming “Kingsman” star Taron Egerton .

Amazing Chemistry

At first it feels like he endeavored little too hard to dare to play ugly and geeky. But performance is growing, and the squinting eyes, facial spasms and clumsy time finally becomes one with the role. In addition there is a great chemistry with Hugh Jackman , who plays the fictional American coach Branson.

Once the best, now grumbling chipped alpha male with fickpluntan glued in hand. A Wolverine on decadence.

Reluctantly, he takes on Eddie, but soon incurred the sweetest friendship, cleanly visualized in a remake of Hope scene from “Dirty Dancing”. It’s insanely funny, and imbued with a good dose of eighties. The decade makes its mark through film music, but also wittily placed references to Bo Derek and “Bolero”.

A great little movie

In general, it is instinctive feeling that makes this film fly the predictable units. Eddie is just enough clumsy boobs and touching fighter. Back Jumps environments are both laughable dizzying and poignant beautiful. While the actors know exactly when it’s time to stop fooling themselves, and begin to talk seriously. In this way, this is a great little film, a little bit in the same way as Eddie Edwards was a great little athlete.


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