Friday, April 1, 2016

Hakan Hellstrom | Your time will come – Göteborgs-Posten

The 42-year day release Hakan a gift to the fans. A gift that shows how he once again achieve change and forward movement with his music.

Today fills Håkan Hellström forty-two years. The same day, there are new Your time will come as a gift to the fans waiting to be admitted to kalasen at Ullevi. Another three new songs teach held at the EP is expected to come before then.

And it sure feels Your time will come as a given öppningslåt summer. With its rolling, driving and pompous, smacking drums, his long-priming intro and first verse that teaches creating a deafening sing convince the already we are opening the listening area.

As many times before singing Håkan Hellström at the same time both to themselves and to the audience. Again, he manages to get an outsider perspective that he is the child going through a life which is as close to the park bench, or in this case the madhouse, as the stars.

“Get to the top of the world, where angels playing, Rise up after every blow, you have an angel on your shoulder, your time will “sing Hakan though it is the mother in song that speaks comforting and peppery spirit to his” bastard “.

When had become something so when adults realize that you constantly carry all ages within. The boy heaves on the toe and gazing out the man’s eyes. The frames in life is perhaps something more substantial for some, but the heart beats just as crisply and feelings are as strong at 42 as at 12 and 22.

It is precisely the source, feeling, as Hakan Hellstrom successful pouring out their songs and it is also partly because he reaches such a large and diverse audience.

Yes, there is a repetition of the phrase. There is a very clear, thematic line between the last first single, It will never be over for me, and the new song, And yes, he has already promised us that “the best has not happened yet.”

but it is also true that Håkan Hellström yet again will change and forward movement. Not least when it comes to how your music sounds. In a way that very few others can Hellstrom and his producers and fellow musicians reinvent themselves with each new album.

parhästen Björn Olsson hinted in the past week that it would let ” Abba more than indie “and I can understand what he means if he was referring to the yummy, fat sound in combination with the dance-driven, and the strong sense of pop.

it does not stop there. I also hear how Håkan Hellström linked precisely to their own indie history, this is arena rock, which is a continuation of what the Brother Daniel made towards the end. I really love the shabby, disorderly base puttering around in the polished, incredibly, by working production where not least the choirs are vastly more well behaved than is associated with the Gothenburg scene bawling.

Hakan Hellstrom looking backwards, press forward and is thus still very much here and now.


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