Monday, April 4, 2016

Johan Lindqvist: Game to work with Imam – Göteborgs-Posten

Is there anything Silvana Imam’s music is all about, it is to take power from us who can afford to buy a new car, writes GP’s columnist Johan Lindqvist.

It was understood long ago the Volvo brand was synonymous with “man with the hat.” The cars have changed and so has the way we look at Volvo made.

Today’s Zlatan in the mountains. Swedish House Mafia in the wilderness or Robyn in Los Angeles, I see in front of me when I close my eyes and think of Volvo. There is undoubtedly an impressive transformation, the result of persistent and consistent work from the Volvo brand strategists, where the Swedish music constituted the main thread of a number of high profile campaigns.

Still, there is understood that the Volvo-old man left somewhere the subconscious, not only with me but with many of the others who may and may want to spend the money on a new car.

That kind of safe but boring and square präktighet it takes more than a few nybilsdoftande DJs conjure away.

Therefore, I applaud Volvo partners with Silvana Imam in his new commercial. Silvana has just released the year’s toughest, most politically radical albums and stands for everything that is definitely not associated with the old image of the Volvo.

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The Marketing at Volvo knew that the choice of Silvana would annoy a lot of their customers . The nasty, sometimes hateful, reactions on social media were not long in coming. All from the aggrieved white, middle-aged men. Classic Volvo buyers – although I realize that although it is a prejudiced mind.

Well, there are brave of Volvo like that dare to challenge prejudices and preconceived notions. And I am also convinced that the vast majority of Volvo fans are modern enough to appreciate Silvana Imam.

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Some of Silvana’s fans have not surprisingly difficult to swallow cooperation. They may not be up to their revolutionary Silvana signed contracts with the automotive industry.

In a way, I understand the reaction, although it also feels outdated. It was long ago, artists’ credibility was at stake because of an advertising cooperation.

I think Silvana Iman thinks that money is power and if there is something her music is all about, it is to take power from us afford to buy a new Volvo. Therefore she takes the chance.

Yes, it is complex, may not entirely logical, but that’s the way the world looks like. It will never be as simple as requiring only a three-point belt to take the whole out of this.

But with Silvana Iman as a soundtrack in the car is in any case more exciting along the way.


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