Monday, April 4, 2016

Silvana Imam becomes Volvo’s new face – Expressen

Silvana Imam is Volvo’s new solicitation.

Artist fronts car brand’s commercials for the new S90 model, writes Resumé.

The rapper tonsätter campaign, which runs under the theme “It’s the inside that counts”.

Summary reports about Volvo’s new solicitation.

the campaign “Made by Sweden” continues – with rapper Silvana Imam as a composer.

the artist will fronta campaign, according Résumé goes under the theme “It’s the inside that counts” .

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Volvo said in a statement:

– Many people have noticed the car’s fantastic design, which already has become award winning. In this campaign, we show the outside of the car, but says that it’s the inside that counts. Volvo S90 shows how we as a Swedish car manufacturers think differently than others when it comes to everything from design and user security controls and motors. It makes us unique, says Per Carleö, marketing director at Volvo under Summary.

In the movies played the song “Warm streets”.

Volvo commercials have gained wide attention in recent years, because of car brand’s collaborations with prominent renowned Swedish profiles, especially musicians.

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Some of the most noted films are those with Avicii and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

When Avicii played into their commercials, he lacked a license. Despite this, he drove in the movies.

To be able to record movies with the artist behind the wheel, drove Avicii not on public roads.

– He has lived a crazy life since he was 18 -19 years of constant touring. Therefore, he has not had time to take a driving license. But he is full of it right now, ‘said Per Carleö Expressen then.

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