Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mariah showed the butt of Sweden – Aftonbladet

Mariah Carey, 46, seems to be happy about his visit to Sweden.

So happy that she dropped his pants.

Yesterday, before the gig, la Mariah Carey up a picture on Instagram where she stood on a staircase with only one top, panties and pantyhose:

“Hello Sweden, nice to be back,” wrote the ballad diva in the caption.

Media rejoices

Something with foreign media to cheer with headlines like “Cheeky photo” – and compares her buttocks and fair with Madonna s flash spirit of the butt in season and out.

female singer outfits during the concert at Ericsson Globe Arena is also celebrated. The glittery bodysuit gets the thumbs up by the international media. READ ALSO PLUS So rich are the founders of Instagram and other nätkrösusar

long tour

Carey’s happy and playful mood may come in handy, she namely out on a long tour that did not finish until July 2 in New Orleans. Then she can return back home to the newly fledged fiancée James Packer , which according to TMZ she is planning a wedding together in the summer. READ ALSO Mariah Carey’s brother: “She is a wicked witch”


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