Sunday, April 3, 2016

So hailed Viola Beach in his hometown – Expressen

LONDON. The British band Viola Beach never got to carry the show at home in Warrington.

On Saturday hailed the instead of several other British bands.

the members of the British pop band Viola Beach died in connection with an accident on the E4 highway bridge in Södertälje on 13 February. The band’s car plunged into the water after the vehicle ended up on the wrong side of the boom.

Friends said after the accident that they would do everything they could to the band’s scheduled concert in his home town of Warrington North West England to go ahead. During the Saturday evening held a memorial concert for Viola Beach. Participants included several British bands, who previously played with the dead musicians.

– It is a tribute to the guys and everyone who knew them know that the best way to pay tribute to them is through a large, loud and true lovely evening, said Greg Dixon in the band Psyblings Warrington Guardian.

When tickets to tribute concert was released, they sold out in less than a week, according to the Warrington Guardian .

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– There will be a great evening because some of the band’s heroes are there as well as those who have worked with them and their friends, says Dixon.

Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Thomas Lowe and Jack Dakin was considered one of the most promising bands on the British music scene. During the visit in Sweden, which was one of the band’s first gigs abroad, was also the band’s manager Craig Tarry with.

Earlier this week held a so-called inquest in Warrington after the deaths, when the families were told British police tell what Swedish police told him about his investigation of the accident.

the victims’ remains were then left to the families so that families could hold funerals, says the BBC .


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