Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New anger after strange naked picture – Expressen

SVT’s “Ask the Doctor” has ended up in significantly under fire after they showed an animated picture of a naked woman.

Now it turns out that they are already in February showed a naked man’s body – which had multiple viewers to react.

“does not look like most men do”, a person has written.

It was yesterday that” Ask the doctor “showed an animated picture of a naked woman – who had several readers to see red.

the program’s Facebook page boiled over by angry comments about the picture the woman is not representative of how a woman’s body looks like in reality.

Now react more viewers even on man’s body in “Ask the doctor”. There is an episode which aired February 1 as a naked man’s body shows up, in conjunction with groin trouble discussed.

Something that Aftonbladet was the first to report on.

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“Did not anyone complain about this 27 centimeter-long thing on this body”, a person has written.

“Yes, not seventeen, he looks like most men do … “has viewers responded.

SVT understand that viewers may also have opinions against the man’s body.

– It is not certain that all men find it the picture is good. But it is difficult to do a medical program if you can not see a body. And what we do with this body, so someone will think it is wrong, says Gunilla Eriksson, project manager for the program.

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The new graphics of the program was developed over two years ago – and Eriksson maintains that it has never raised any questions or internal criticism of the graphics over the years.

– no, not that we have reasoned basis it somehow . But rather, the thing about the pictures is that we must start somewhere on the body, says Eriksson.

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