Friday, April 1, 2016

Now begins the countdown for the next Hakan – Expressen

The countdown ended exactly 0:00.

Then came Håkan Hellström’s new single “Your time will come.”

At the same time started a new countdown – it towards 42-year-old Ullevi double this summer.

at midnight, when on Friday, went over to Saturday and Hakan Hellstrom himself went from 41 years to 42 years (congratulations the old man!) came so finally.

Hakan Hellstrom’s first single since March 15, 2013.

the last time it was about “it will never be over for me,” the title track from Gothenburg mixer seventh studio album, which also became an encore at his record performance at the Ullevi Stadium in 2014 – and today is his most streamed song on Spotify.

this time is therefore entitled “Your time will come,” and it can be about it first track of an EP that will come out in April.

According to the blog hisingenftw is namely a fyraspårs ep by Hakan Hellstrom recorded and clear. The Gothenburg-based entertainment blog has recently published a short interview with Hakan producer and songwriting partner Bjorn Olsson.

In the interview describes Olsson, who worked intensively with Håkan Hellström since 2005, the new sound as “less indie and more Abba” and says that “it shows that there are more serious now with the big concerts and so, everything sounds more uppstyrt”.

There are many indications that an album is delayed until after the summer. Maybe not to steal too much focus from Hellstrom’s grandiose plans live. Maybe because it already intense Swedish popvår to input (Kent, Lars Frederiksen, Veronica Maggio).

The 29th and April 30th allows 42-year-old two gigs in intimate Gramercy Theatre in New York. The concerts serve as warm-up for his Ullevi Double (4-5 / 6).

Hellstrom play on the rock arena in Gothenburg in early June. The more than 130 000 concert tickets released in October last year sold out in less than three hours.

The countdown to the first concert, June 4, has begun.

At this writing, the 1522 hours left.


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