Friday, November 11, 2016

Collin: Nikki Amini became unbearable tonight – Expressen

"the Idol" meets the Eurovision song contest and becomes a battlefield.

Now must TV4 re-evaluate the "Idols" identity in order to maintain its credibility.

It is inconceivable how TV4 was thinking this evening of "Idol." It was time for a new gear where the participants would get to sing two songs each. The brand new theme was: "the Eurovision song contest and So much the better".

In many ways, it is a reasonable theme. The absolute best career, as a former "Idol"participants can dream of is to be called by Christer Björkman, get a song and take from Others the chance to final in the Eurovision song contest. Few happily chosen – they really have made an impression – ports additionally, on the island of Gotland, and may do "So much better".

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If the jury had consisted of only Fredrik Kempe had the theme and the vision has been absolutely perfect. Then they had understood that "Idol" choose to go into a new spirit that is more realistic.

But at the same time TV4 recruited Quincy Jones III and, above all, Nikki Amini, who in every way seem to look for a new Rihanna or Justin Bieber. Nikki will not give herself until she has identified a potential superstar.

Therefore it became unbearable when she clearly hated this week’s theme and despise the Eurovision song contest in a way that hardly anyone does in Sweden anymore.

It was impossible for the participants to try to perform well in the face of any who instinctively do not like about the songs.

"Idol" must make an evaluation of which program they want to be and what they should achieve. Perhaps this is a Måns Zelmerlöw, Danny Saucedo, or a Darin the very best thing that can happen in this tv-format.

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All the signs on it.

When the TV4 also have a responsibility to select a jury that can look right on that type of artist.

this evening was not only unfair and mischievous.

The left the whole "Idol"concept with a single large question mark.


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