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Göran Rosenberg about Kent Ekeroth, duplicity and an undeniable book by Gellert Tamas – Aftonbladet

When we in retrospect should try to understand how a new language could penetrate in the Swedish public space and fill it with hatred, threats and violence, they learn it’s not going to get around the sweden democrats ‘ role in this context.

In any case, not after the publication of Gellert Tamas well-documented book about how senior people within the party have played (and continue to play) an active role in the creation of the platforms from which the maximum hatred against muslims, gays, "whores", "folkförrädare", "PK-elite", etc, uninhibited been formulated and disseminated. Where has the threat to individuals uthängda with the name and address become commonplace, where have anonymous "commentators" in the omodererade threads freely air their hatred in terms that likely exceeds all limits of what is lawfully allowed to be heard in Sweden. Nättroll is a rather euphemistically by the operators by the sweden democrats, the direct or indirect auspices of the allowed förråa and poison the climate in Sweden.

today fully understood that the major site of näthatet in Sweden, When, was started by sverigedemokraten Kent Ekeroth with the party’s active involvement and support. It is also clear that leading sverigedemokrater had a direct influence over the site, and the actual appeared anonymously on the and in the unattended context (internal mejlväxlingar) advocated hatred and intimidation as an appropriate strategy in order to frighten the opponent.

It is also clear that behind several of the most hateful "nättrollen" have been hiding active sverigedemokrater, as well as the facebook groups, with names like "enough is enough" and "Våldtäktskartan", subsidiary of The sweden democrats. Some examples of samtalstonen in these groups: "Flood ruling bastards", "Eradicate them. No other" and "A big bomb is enough".

And against a name, address and telephone number identified young girl on his Facebook page posted “SD=SS”: "Your anti-democratic fucking slut. Pull to the fucking countries for yourself and see how fun it is with Islam". To take a some level of printable example.

That the two senior sverigedemokrater recently devoted himself to the cyber-bullying of a boy with a non-Swedish name and appearance as those in a tv program thought looked too old for her age (meaning: young boys with the strange name and appearance are lying about their age) may not surprise anyone after reading the Gellert Tamas book.

the Very least one of them was Kent Ekeroth, the person in the SD lead as Gellert Tamas choosing to especially put the light on, which is a choice that is not difficult to understand. Ekeroth is not only one of the most verbal, most aggressive representatives of the party, with intimate ties to the xenophobic and våldsbejakande movements and environments in Europe, in several cases with roots in nazism and anti-semitism. He is also the grandson of a jewish woman who survived the Holocaust and is thus lineage from a family that for the most part were murdered by the nazis.

What’s more, his mother along with the grandmother 1970 fled to Sweden to escape the anti-jewish persecution in Poland, is born

in soviet Kazakhstan, and are thus in the Swedish statistics to the category of non-european immigrants, that is to say, a category that Kent Ekeroth especially devoted to the misstänkliggöra and defame.

What driver a young man, that to the extent repress their own background, he becomes one of the country’s most aggressive xenophobes? In addition, a party whose anti-jewish roots he may reasonably need to be aware of and probably periodically become personally and rudely reminded. In addition, in the role of a leading advocate of the conspiracy theory about the threat from the muslims who are not so little reminiscent of the nazi conspiracy theory about the threat from the jews.

Kent Ekeroth appears in short as a psychological paradox, and I understand the Gellert Tamas, who is fascinated by it, and in the exploration of Ekeroths childhood and adolescence looking for some sort of answer or explanation.

It is a good berättargrepp, it is a good story, and we may undeniably learn a lot about Kent Ekeroth: His early fragmentation of the family, his lack of self-control, his lack of friends, not the least of girlfriends, his love for computers and computer games, his contempt for inferior persons, his attraction to conspiracy theories, his hate against the muslims, his support behind the hard-line jewish nationalism in the state of Israel.

If the elements of self-denial in Kent Ekeroths view of humankind and worldview this is probably as clear (if not particularly paradoxical, extremism and self-denial is not an unusual combination), so it is particularly människosynen and the worldview of the party he as a 24-year-old, enthusiastically commit themselves to Gellert Tamas, rings, and strips.

Kent Ekeroth appears certainly as psychologically peculiar, but the psychologically most curious in this story is the closest to the pathological duplicity as the sweden democrats ‘ leadership has devoted himself since the Jimmie Åkesson became the party leader.

Here we are not talking about self-denial as a personal paradox, but as a political strategy.

When Jimmie Åkesson periodically been forced to smooth over, to lament and to the nec to condemn even a revealing of yet another outbreak of hate and rough racism from someone in his immediate circle, not seldom Ekeroth, it is not that they have done or said anything in violation of the party’s soul, but because they had the bad sense to put out the soul online or catch it on film.

clearly becomes this in the attempts to conceal the so-called järnrörsskandalen, with Kent Ekeroth as one of the prominent figures, or rather bakgrundsfiguren, because it is he who is holding the mobile phone camera, as in the early morning hours of June 3, 2010 records the brutal course of events in the centre of Stockholm, from the racist okvädingsorden to physical violence, they picked up järnrören and the flabbande självgratulationerna.

It is this sequence of events SD the lead, with Jimmie Åkessons participation and consent, would do all it could to deny, distort and to turn in the counter with the support of a grossly manipulated version of Ekeroths mobilinspelning that you are convinced that no third party has access to.

When the Expressen, two years later, with access to the entire recording, confronts järnrörsmännen with one task after the other is lying, they all as it is lovely. They go absolutely predictable in the trestegsfälla as a magazine set, and that when it strikes again on the now completely unclothed perpetrators forcing Jimmie Åkesson once again pretending as if he hadn’t had the slightest aaaning on the programme, and once again hit his fist on the table, and once again clear out even a scapegoat (who surreptitiously held behind his back), and once again proclaim zero tolerance, etc

Until the next incident, and the next.

the Thing is, of course, which Gellert Tamas shows beyond all doubt, that behind the sweden democrats constantly omputsade facade hiding a lot of the walls inpyrda of xenophobia and racism. If the nazi movement in the Weimarrepublikens Germany used by uniformed partigäng to the threat of physical violence intimidate the party’s opponents to silence, using The sweden democrats by anonymous näthatare (and then revealed that SD politicians, and the SD leaders) of the party controlled online platforms are allowed to threaten and hate in the same order and with the same effect.

The Swedish hatred is, of course, not only Swedish, and The Swedish democrats are a far cry from the single entrepreneurs in the digital hatbranschen. In country after country, we see how the unscrupulous parties and politicians are resorting to verbal violence and the brazen lie in order to transform the anxiety and uncertainty of hatred and aggression, and to shoot up the trust between people, which is democracy’s foundations and paving the way for something else.

Remains that Sweden’s third largest party appears to have done this more consciously and systematically than which it was intended that we would know it. About how this worked, and about the decades when this was done, and about how a cold wind of verbal brutality changed the political climate in Sweden, Gellert Tamas written an indispensable chronicle.

Göran Rosenberg

Since Gellert Tamas medarbetat in Aftonbladet, gästrecenseras the book by Göran Rosenberg.


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