Friday, November 4, 2016

Greg G Curtis had to leave the Idol 2016 – Expressen

The sixth of Friday’s finale of “Idol 2016″ is over.

After the vote, the seven idols sex and at the end of the program, it was clear that Greg G Curtis had to leave “Idol 2016″.

“I’m a little sad, but it has been an amazing journey,” says Greg G Curtis.

In the evening sent TV4 the sixth of Friday’s finale of “Idol 2016″. The evening’s theme was “Hits from the past” and among other things sang the idols Aretha Franklin, The Beatles and Earth, Wind & Fire.

at the same time, seven had become six. Before the vote, had the jury answer what they thought would go out.

“I fear that it is Oskar and Renaida,” said Fredrik Kempe.

Nikki Amini:

” I say to Rebekah and Jesper.

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Quincy Jones III seemed somewhat embarrassed:

– It is just as hard each time. But I said, well Greg and Oscar.

And when the vote was finished, it was between two guys namely Greg G Curtis and Jesper Petersson.

– I’m still pretty good, it was expected and I am very satisfied. In particular I am crazy honored to be standing here with Greg. But I hung in loose already last week, I take nothing for granted, ” said Jesper Petersson on stage.

Greg G Curtis:

” It feels not so good. I don’t know why I am here. I am nervous and restless.

But in the end it was Greg G Curtis who had to leave the “Idol 2016″.

” I’m a little sad. But I’m okay, this was a great trip. Thanks for all the support, ” he said to audience cheers.

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During the program appeared also singer Jan Johansen. In the evening had a snippet of his hit song “Look at me” is played several times during the broadcast and just before the vote got so Jan Johansen-up and performed the song for real to the audience great jubilation.


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