Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Investigation against Pitt put down – financial times

Brad Pitt has not beaten up his son Maddox.

It has authorities in Los Angeles come to the conclusion, writes TMZ.

According to the sources of the website TMZ decided authorities in Los Angeles on Wednesday to close down the investigation of child abuse. In the decision, it appears that the actor Brad Pitt not assaulted his son Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt during a brawl on an airplane.

the Case should have been investigated thoroughly then Brad, Angelina Jolie, their children and witnesses on the plane been interviewed. All, reportedly, worked. No further action will be taken.

Now that Brad Pitt is no longer suspected of child abuse, it increases his benefits in vårdnadstvisten against Angelina Jolie, writes TMZ. Angelina has requested sole custody of a child while Brad applied for joint custody.

Shortly after that Brad and Angelina filed for divorce, the news came that the FBI looked at the incident on board the private jet aircraft. Several international media have described the quarrel on the plane as orkasken to the divorce.


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