Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kändisparet mugged and robbed – Göteborgs-Posten

Sports Tv-chef Monika Ahlberg and fotbollslegendaren Glenn Schiller robbed on credit cards and mobile phone on Monday. – I was beaten from behind, ” says Glenn Schiller to the GP.

Shortly after midnight on Monday was tv chef Monika Ahlberg, 55, and former footballer Glenn Schiller, 56, on the way home from a party in Stockholm. On the Right, the couple was knocked down from behind, which, Expressen was the first to report.
– I was beaten from behind, Monika also, so we ended up on the ground both of the two, ” says Glenn Schiller to the GP.

Then appeared a man offered the pair his help – they thought.
– There was a guy who stood above us and asked how it went. When I got up he was gone. Monika was bleeding, ” says Schiller.

Just then realized the couple that they have been robbed of the “hjälpsamme” the man.
– My phone and monika’s wallet was gone. It went on three of the red, ” says Schiller.

were Forced to seek emergency care

Monika Ahlberg was forced to seek emergency care after the violent attack. At the hospital it was found she had a crack in the wrist and damaged a finger.
– I’m doing well after the circumstances. It is just sad, for I have always felt safe before. I will not walk home alone, and perhaps not even with Glenn, from Stureplan again, ” she says to GP.

the Perpetrator or perpetrators managed to order a trip for more than 2000 crowns, and a bus ticket before Ahlberg managed to block all of their cards. They tried to buy a further travel, but then got Ahlberg a text message that required her approval for the purchase.

Schiller says he feels good, but you get an eye-opener after such event.
– You may think, I talked with Strömberg (Glenn) yesterday and he said “hell, every time I hear someone come up behind me so I will stop and let pass them, instead of taking a chance,” says Schiller.

the pre-trial Investigation discontinued

Already on Tuesday, the day after the brutal robbery, the police dropped the investigation, according to Expressen.
– It is very boring. We reported it yesterday and today it is already dismissed. But we have not spoken with the police, they’ll call you back tonight, ” says Schiller.

What do you think about that the pre-trial investigation are laid down?
– It is deplorable. Actually, you might think that what the hell – if someone has booked a ticket is just to call and check who has booked? I don’t know, we’ll see.

Glenn Schiller is an icon in the Göteborgsfotbollen. He played among other things for IFK Göteborg as the team won the UEFA cup in 1982. He is one of the Glenn, which was dedicated to the now classic song “Everyone’s called Glenn in Gothenburg”. Glenn Strömberg, Glenn Holm and Glenn Hysén are the other three.


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