Saturday, November 12, 2016

Magnus Carlson’s anger against näthatet – Aftonbladet

most of The celebrities are subjected to more or less näthat.

Now, the roars Magnus Carlson up against the comments.

“I just want to cry, I think it is so damn sopigt,” he says in tonight’s "So much better".

Little Jinder, 28, exploded näthatet after her participation in the "Breaking news with Filip and Fredrik" 2015, where she and the Filip drank tequila. In tonight’s "So much better" she tells her about the comments she got. Among other things, that she was "a white trash slut that förjänar to die" and that she was "a fucking whore". Anyway, she says that she is not taking the comments.

– I have built a pretty bold wall and do not allow it in which to affect me for, it would do so, I would go broke every day, such situations occur all the time when you are a woman, ” says Little Jinder in the program.

the Comments she has had to put up with Magnus Carlson that the angry to.

” this is completely incomprehensible to me and I get so fucking genomsorgsen when I think about it and hear such here it is. I am not even angry anymore, I just want to cry, I think it is so damn sopigt, ” he says in the program.

When Nöjesbladet reach Little Jinder and ask what it was like to see the feature again, she answers:

– Dude, I do not think there is any intrinsic value in being full of the tv but it is very clear that men and women may not behave in the same way. It’s a little rough to see yourself like that, but who cares, we had fun. People get the heck relax or, alternatively, buy a life.

Magnus Carlson has already worked actively to counter näthat via Telia’s campaign #hatahat. When did he and Molly Sandén a music video for the song "I hate hate". Now he is again, with the position to counter cyber-bullying.

– Should it be so damn hard to be a little decent and kind, I take as well as not. What the hell is it coming from? It’s terrible, ” he says in the "So much better".

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