Thursday, November 3, 2016

The actor Mathias Olsson is dead – the Express newspaper

the Actor is Mathias Olsson has passed away.

– It is jättetragiskt, right now, we deal with sadness and loss, ” says Petra Brylander, director at Uppsala stadsteater.

Mathias Olsson was 41 years old.

the Actor is Mathias Olsson, who was profiled in the “The good man of Szechwan” at Uppsala stadsteater, is dead.

” Mathias passed away yesterday. It is really jättetragiskt. I don’t want to go into what happened out of consideration for the relatives. What we are working with now is trying to manage the grief and the loss of a great friend, colleague and skilled colleague that we don’t get back. It is what we are inside right now in the theatre, ” says Petra Brylander, director at Uppsala stadsteater.

How was Mathias as a person?

” He was fantastic, I have not known him for so long I am new as a manager here but he was an incredibly warm and nice person. He was a great actor and colleague, and was incredibly well liked and appreciated by all here at the theatre. It can really say. He was incredibly a lot for their profession and their interpretation. It is a jätteförlust.

Since 2011, was Mathias Olsson a permanent member of staff at the Uppsala city theatre. However, he has also played at the Stockholm city theatre where he worked with directors such as Linus Tunström and Gertrud Larsson.

The remaining sets of “The good man of Szechwan” are now in.

– The final performances we will pick away.

2015 played Mathias Olsson Didi in the Moment Theatre set of “waiting for Godot”, a role he was honored for. The same year he received the Fred Gunnarsson’s scholarship by the Swedish theatre union, “for an artistic creation which, with the curiosity and commitment, gives us challenging and touching experiences.”

Mathias Olsson was 41 years old.


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