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The secrecy behind this year’s julvärd – Expressen

Sanna Nielsen will be this year’s julvärd in the SVT.

“It feels amazing, it is an honor, especially getting to do it here,” says a happy Sanna Nielsen.

the SVT has now presented who will be this year’s julvärd. This year is Sanna Nielsen, who lights the candle on christmas eve.

She says that the first thing she thought when she got the call was as great an honour it is to receive the assignment.

– Next feeling was, “gee what scary”.

Sanna Nielsen says that her most important task is to be a companion to those who need it and those who have it as a tradition.

– to try To give a little bit of calm in a stressed out time, which I also can recognize myself in. A little hope, a little bit peaceful and nice.

Myself, I usually celebrate with the family and the near and dear ones. During the last few years she has spent christmas in Skåne, but now it will be thus in the tv-couch.

It is not at all a long time ago, she was asked about the mission.

– It is not so many weeks ago. I’m pretty good at keeping it a secret. It is much more fun when there is an element of surprise.

She explains that she has not said yes directly.

” I got to talk with my relatives. But it was not so I asked if they thought it was okay. I said that we probably will not be seen.

” I have celebrated so much with my near and dear it’ll be great to talk directly to the camera.

Sanna Nielsen: “Not great at lighting the candle”

She tells us that she’s still not had time to practice – and warns that she is not great at lighting the candle.

” I’m a little nervous for everything. It is a live broadcast. I would not turn on the light directly, so it will be very good tv. I can say that I am not good at lighting candles, recognizing Sanna Nielsen.

She thinks it’ll be great to get to talk to so many people “and just take it a little slow.”

– All understand for sure that I will sing. Then we will see, it is still very much thoughts in your head, ” says Sanna Nielsen.

the Secrecy around Sanna Nielsen

Before the presentation, described Nielsen as a warm person who collects the audience and that we associate with music and summer – and now, soon, christmas eve.

It has been a very great secrecy surrounding the honorable mission.

Only a few people have known who will be this year’s julvärd. SVT keeps the information secret for all in addition to a tight, small circle. In the past year have not even the photographer to take the pictures, knew who he must shoot in advance.

the Swedish Television has so far had fifteen different julvärdar as guided by television programmes and been the center of the company in the box on christmas eve. During last year it was Gina Dirawi who spent christmas together with us.

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Wild speculation about the julvärden

Speculation surrounding this year’s julvärd have as usual gone wild.

According to the odds from the bookmaker Betsson, it was the comedian Sven Melander as favorittippades to keep the viewers in the company during christmas eve. Second, the current name was Youtube-star William Spetz and tv host Lotta Lundgren, according to the odds.

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the TT reported in turn to Mark Levengood was favorittippad at bookmaker Unibet. Among lågoddsarna are also Niklas Strömstedt, Lotta Lundgren and Kristian Luuk.

Lower figures for Gina Dirawi

last year saw 3.4 million people and Donald Duck on christmas eve in years. It is the lowest listing for the Swedish christmas tradition since 2010.

more than 2.2 million watched when Gina Dirawi traditionally lit the candle just before the “Donald Duck”, according to the MMS.

It now remains to see how many swedes who benches with Sanna Nielsen who julvärd.

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