Saturday, November 5, 2016

Clinton’s kändisvapen – taking in Beyoncé and Jay Z – Aftonbladet

the Stars, moves in to give Hillary Clinton the boost she needs to win the election, this time, it is, among other things superartisterna Beyonce and Jay Z sharing the stage with the presidential candidate.

“I want to grow up in a world where my daughter doesn’t have any limitations,” said Jay Z.

During the Wednesday special guest Hillary Clinton singer Pharell Williams, and in the past stars such as Kate Perry made its in order to attract voters to Hillary Clinton.

But during the night, it took Clinton until his perhaps the strongest card to win the election, when she was attended at the scene of no less than Beyonce and Jay Z in the Wolstein Center in Clevland.

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"Want my daughter to be able to get what she wants"

Jay Z held a much appreciated speech in which he proclaimed that he supported Hillary Clinton, and would never be able to vote on the Donald Trump.

“When I get to know you, then I know who you are, then you will lose everything, origin, gender, social status, for the soul has no background, and I want to grow up in a world where my daughter doesn’t have any limitations, where she feels that she can get what she wants,” said the star from the stage. SEE ALSO Now raps Jay Z on "Lemonade"

"together We are stronger"

Jay Z continued his speech, and was greeted by a deafening roar from the audience when he announced that Donald Trump would never be his president.

” this other guy, I have nothing against him, but his politics divides us, so he can not be my president, he can not be our president, we are stronger together! Said the superstar from the stage to the audience’s great delight, before he presented Hillary Clinton for the visitors.

Clinton praised the stars – but was criticised by Trump

Where the continued presidential candidate to thank the artists for their performance.

” When I see their passion and energy so I don’t know where I should start, because this is what America is my friends, a woman who is a constant source of inspiration for so many, I would thank Beyonce, I would like to thank her for that she proves that together we are stronger. I also thank Jay Z as her music addresses some of our biggest challenges in this country, with poverty, racism and prison reform.

Donald Trump , however, was not quite as impressed by Hillary Clinton’s choice of guests, and opted for a swipe at his political opponents.

” I don’t need to have with me J. Lo or Jay Z, I stand here myself, it’s just me, again the guitar, no piano, nothing." said the candidate during his speech in Hershey.


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