Saturday, November 5, 2016

TV4 is in talks with freddie’s and henryk’s widow, in the face of the program – Aftonbladet

In the evening broadcast one of the last interviews with Freddie Wadling. Where tells the music legend about his demons.

After his death in June, and up to the broadcast, had TV4 several conversations with freddie’s and henryk’s widow Bella on the programme’s content.

– It is an obligation to do this well, ” says producer Martin Nygren.

Freddie freddie’s and henryk’s death on June 2 this year, shortly before the recording of the year "So much better", came as a shock.

Tonight’s episode is a tribute to the artist, where the participants in front of the interpretations of his songs while the main character’s chair stands empty at the head of the table.

the Recording was a challenge for TV4, ” says Martin Nygren, executive producer of "So much better".

– It is an obligation to do this well. Partly want to do it well against all around Freddie, and then of course for his fans and the audience. It is absolutely a challenge because it was not thought so from the first beginning. SEE ALSO "His tears had been able to fill the bath"

"She would look"

Before the program got Freddie’s widow, Bella Laessker Freddie, give its consent to a hyllningsavsnitt would be done. She’ll also have got to see the program in advance, ” says Martin Nygren.

” I met her a week and she had received the application and would look at it in advance.

According to Nygren has Bella been informed about the program content current.

” It’s not that she has been inside the cutting but she has been informed about about what we do and the people we have talked to, but not on the level of detail. SEE ALSO PLUS Hot-TV4-star loss: 367 000 kr

Felt outside

the participant Magnus Carlson, who was a friend of Freddie’s, had continuous contact with Bella. He also spoke with freddie’s and henryk’s colleague, Sebastian Öberg and the manager.

I felt a bit like a messenger between them and Freddie. It felt like Freddie was there all the time, he says to Nöjesbladet.

Before the death had, TV4 play in a long interview with Freddie Wadling who the other artists will take part of in the evening. Where he tells us about the bullying he was exposed to during his childhood.

” They were both mentally and physically hard so I stopped talking. Then I was silent for seven years, basically, ” says Freddie Wadling in the interview.

Exclusion followed Freddie through his career, but through the punk he found a breathing space.

” It was important for me to be able to hang out with people who were like me. I had always felt outside, ” he says.

Freddie freddie’s and henryk’s long career started in Gothenburg punkscen in the 70′s. He was later in, inter alia, Blue for two and Fläskkvartetten. Freddie was 64 years old.

Nöjesbladet have searched Bella Laessker Freddie. SEE ALSO PLUS Lisa Ekdahl: ‘People have been trying to control me’


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