Friday, November 11, 2016

Cohen’s letter of farewell to close friend”

Leonard Cohen was prepared to die.

three months ago, the legendary artist a letter of farewell to his dying friend and former love Marianne Ihlen, where he prepared himself for the end.

“Yes, Marianne, we have come to this time when we are so old and our bodies fall apart and I think I will follow after you soon,” wrote Leonard Cohen, according to Rolling stone.

The canadian singer, songwriter, poet and novelist Leonard Cohen has died, 82 years old. On his official Facebook page confirmed the death, but no exact cause of death has been mentioned.

But Leonard Cohen was ready to end could be near. Three months ago he sent a letter of farewell to his lifelong friend and former love Marianne Ihlen, the woman who several of his songs were about. Including “So long, Marianne” and “Bird on the wire”. Marianne Ihlen was dying of cancer and passed away on July 29 of this year, just two days after she received the Leonard cohen’s letter, writes Rolling stone.

In the letter, wrote Leonard Cohen, among other things:

"Yes, Marianne, we have come to this time when we are so old and our bodies fall apart and I believe that will follow after you soon. Remember that I am so close that if you stretch out the hand, then I think you can reach my".

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Cohen: “We’ll see further down the road”

It is Marianne Ihlens close friend, Jan Christian Mollestad, who shared parts of the letter for the CBC. In the letter to Leonard Cohen also have written:

“You know I always loved you for your beauty and your wisdom, but I don’t need to write any more about it, you already know. But now I just want to wish you a good trip. Farewell my old friend. Infinite love. We seen further down the road”.

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Were a couple for seven years

Marianne Ihlen passed away two days after having received the letter and was buried in his hometown of Oslo in Norway. Ihlen and Cohen got to know each other in the sixties when they both were on holiday in Greece. Leonard Cohen invited Marianne Ihlen and her children to stay with him at home in Montreal.

Marianne Ihlen and Leonard Cogen was a couple for seven years and then remained friends the rest of my life. During the time they were together wrote the artist, several songs inspired by her, including “So long, Marianne”, “Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye” and “Bird on the wire”.

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