Friday, November 11, 2016

P1 Culture Thursday, november 10 – Swedish Radio

Artist Jason “Timbuktu” Diakité bokdebuterar now with the autobiographical A drop of midnight. Through his family history – from slavery in the southern united states, to his own growing up in Lund – he is trying to orient and seek answers to the question: who is he and where’s he coming from? It’s all about race and racism, belonging and origin. Hear him here in P1 Culture.

Nanna Johansson is best known for his humorous satire in both the comic, radio and tv. Now she is up to date with the short story “Paradise”: a pretty dark collection of stories where she explores the less sympathetic features of the women. the Sofia Olsson met her to talk about female buffaloes, shame, and being stuck in humorfållan.

Jenny Teleman has taken a a djupgrävning in the comics, Swedish and foreign, who gathered high on her table and selected three of the most interesting: An Italian, a Swedish and a slovenian that takes us through the first världkrigets and its tracks today, through a childhood in Mostar over to a group of swedes talking too much about today, and in particular, sex buyers or the prostituerande as it is also called.

this week, the author, playwright and artist Peter Weiss have over 100 years of age – and just in time for the jubilee will Weiss two autobiographical novels, the Diagnosis and Focal point in a new edition under the title Exile. Tuesday also had the Weiss piece Rannsakningen premiered at the orion theatre in Stockholm. Had Maria Edström have read and seen, and write in today’s essay from NOTE if the Peter Weiss.

Moderator: Måns Hirschfeldt
Producer: Maria Götselius


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