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Coppola feels like Strindberg – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Francis Ford Coppola is in Sweden for the first time – in order to receive a prize at the Stockholm film festival. And he’s talking rather about August Strindberg than Donald Trump.

Francis Ford Coppola, known for the “Godfather”films, is in Stockholm to receive a prize for his life’s work. “I’m always a little cynical when it comes to prices, but this was fun,” says the director.Image: Stockholm international film festival

Coppola? Nowadays, it is probably mainly think of Sofia. But even father Francis Ford continues to make films, albeit a bit overshadowed.

When “the Godfather”-the legendary visit the Stockholm international film festival, it is, however, not to present anything new, but to receive an award for his life’s work – one where the price that festivals are happy to share out to the famous föredettingar that can generate attention.

the press Conference at the Norrmalmstorg square in Stockholm happens to be the same morning that Sweden has woken up to chockresultatet of the u.s. presidential election. But Francis Ford Coppola, who always supported the Democrats, have no desire to make any tirade against Donald Trump, who he says he is feeling a bit grand, and whom he met already in their teens when they went to the same military academy.

” I am as surprised as everyone else that he won. But if now so many voted for him, I hope that there is a meaning with it. I am an optimistic person and believe good of all. So if I’m going to say something good about Trump is that he is not an ideologue or right-wing thinkers, but inventive and result-oriented. Maybe it is good.

Few directors in film history have had such a fluency like Coppola in the seventies. Everything he touched became gold: “the Godfather”, “the Interception”, “the Godfather 2″, “Apocalypse now”. Together with colleagues, and friends, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and George Lucas revolutionized the he Hollywood.

” We are still seen, but most I meet George because we both live in northern California. I usually nag at him that he should make all those small personal films he always talked about. Real films.

In this quartet of friends was Francis Ford Coppola’s the oldest, and something of a godfather. However, if the other in the 80′s went on to new great deeds, ended up Coppola in a decline, after having staked everything on the costly musikalfloppen “One from the heart”. He got to spend many years paying off the debts and take the regijobb offered. He admits that some movies were so-so, for example, “the Godfather 3″.

– The final film in a series is always the weakest, for it has used up the material that started it all. But I needed the money.

in 1997 he went in filmpension, and made a fortune on their vineyards in the Napa Valley in California – coppola’s wine is now one of the most popular restaurangvinerna in the united states.

– It is easy to be young and acclaimed, but hard to keep up the success. I realized that I would never be able to do something that measured with “the Godfather”.

her Daughter Sofia filmframgångar, including “Lost in translation” gave him the inspiration to return to registolen. The money from the vinimperiet do that now he can finance his own films.

” I wanted to reinvent myself, and I had the money.

This second half of his career with the films “Youth without Youth”, “Tetro” and “Twixt” – none of them biovisade in Sweden – has received a mixed reception, but vitalized Coppola, who is now developing a pioneering project which he refers to as live cinema. A kind of live theatre shown at the cinema, but with the sense of real biofilm. The story should revolve around his own family’s history, back to the roots in Italy, and is also connected with the television medium’s emergence. Tv advertising is coppola’s main hate-figures.

” I think the spate of tv commercials that washes over us affects the mental health of the society. It says to us that we should not be satisfied with our lives. And the presidential election shows what happens when tv does all the to a realityshow.

He wants to see himself as a innovator and innovator and draws parallels to the Strindberg who experimented with photography, and alchemy. It turns out that the Swedish author is one of coppola’s great artistic role models. He talks a surprising amount of Strindberg, during the press conference.

” I was very impressed by Strindberg as a young teaterstudent, and I thought that there were many connections between our lives, that an unhappy childhood – I moved all the time, had no friends and also got polio. And he felt traumatized by the successes. I feel again myself in.

Stockholm international film festival

going on in Stockholm until 20 november, when the first prize the bronze horse is awarded. Many well-known directors are on site to present their new films, Ken Loach (“I, Daniel Blake”), Cristian Mungiu (“Trial”) and François Ozon (“Frantz”).


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