Friday, November 11, 2016

“Escape to the future” – a trip down memory lane – the Express newspaper

I belong to the segment of the population that really wish me a portal to the seventies Gothenburg. Singing in the bush! Knô daj! You make the knickedick? In addition, I am childishly fond of Dorsins rödtjutsfärgade släpiga Cornelis-imtitationer, and was more than happy to split a pork loin with plum with Rolf Pihlman.

Add the Ulf Malmros, who have already done one of american film’s most exuberant retroskildringar when "Tjenare kungen" took us back to 1984, and you should have two pieces cut for perfection. Anyway threads not completely. A bit like the movie the entanglement in a limbo in time or in a riot of seventies?

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Easy. For the where skivbutiken where Svante (Elias Palin) to work with Bengan (Henrik Dorsin) is undeniably something very special with their clunky cash register and vinyls tagged instrumental or psychedelia. Bengan skrävlar if its tvärflöjtslåt of a crying nordic clearcut, while Svante taking the subway home. One of those modern blue that the particular happens to be the point 2016. Perfect for Svante which happens to have a heart disease that only can be cured in our time, and there is also charming Elsa (Victoria Dyrstad) living in what was svante’s apartment.

Love and culture clashes on a sjuttiotalsgata that has almost julkalenderns sagoskimmer becomes a homely mix. But all tidsresorna here and there to be in the long run the distances that may Svante remain a pale figure surrounded by jokes about "the snake pit" and "smoke box" which was great fun the first time, but not the fifth.

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In general the tempo is a little lojt, and I will find myself longing for the visits of Dorsin, which works a bit like a compulsive fun sketchapparat in a film that otherwise seems to want to get to the light-hearted "Back to the future"-the romance.

the Film had enough cashing in on the if you have chosen a path towards either the Grotescourflippade or the slightly more down-to-earth but kitsch Malmrosintimiteten. But these objections notwithstanding, so is "Escape to the future" a nice good-hearted film, with some perspektivgivande observations and quantities of fulsnygg nostalgia for both the ears and the eyes.

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