Monday, November 7, 2016

Håkan Hellström breaks with Live Nation – Göteborgs-Posten

Music Håkan Hellström breaks with konsertarrangören Live Nation. According to Expressen, has the pop star posted a mångmiljonkontrakt with the German FKP Scorpio. And in the summer he returns, probably to the Ullevi stadium.

Håkan Hellström has for a long number of years cooperated with the american konsertarrangören Live Nation’s Swedish office. But now it is over with it. According to data in today’s Expressen, Håkan Hellström changed the partner to the German FKP Scorpio, which, among other things, is behind the big Bråvallafestivalen outside of Norrköping.

“It is true that Håkan Hellström will be working with us,” says the company’s ceo Folkert Koopmans to Expressen, and continues.

” I can’t tell you how we persuaded him. But we did. All I can say is that we will work together.

Håkan Hellström recently switched record labels from Universal to the gothenburg upstart Whoa Dad, and now take thus a step further in their career. Einligt information to Expressen, the mångmiljondeal.

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According to data in Expressen means the agreement with FKP Scorpio also to Håkan Hellström, embarks on a big tour for the summer, where he probably also reaches the Ullevi stadium on new.

” We’re working on something. Exactly what it will be we are going to go out with on a couple of weeks, ” says Folkert Koopmans.

Tickets to of the summer, both the Ullevi stadium gigs with Håkan Hellström sold out in a few hours, and revenue is estimated according to economic forecasters to more than 70 million.

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