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New mediestödet is a spit in the ocean – Göteborgs-Posten

Kulturartiklar Finally end his inspiration wishful thinking, notes Ulrika Knutson after reading medieutredningens final report and will be at the same time, encouraged by the dark vision of the future.

Create a culture for kvalitetsjournalistik, I proposed six years ago, and was laughed at. But that is exactly what medieutredningen want to do now. From 2018, the current scheme in support of newspapers with a mediestöd, which not only looks to the edition but lists a number of quality criteria that must be met. Not least to promote a better lokaljournalistik.

167 million extra to the cost of the next three years. This means that the new mediestödet lands at 732 million. First as last, we have to state: it is a spit in the ocean. Far from enough, considering that the press as a whole lost half of its ad revenue in ten years – mainly to the giants such as Google and Facebook.

Wrap does not check his message

The most important medieutredningen saying is that the questions need to be investigated further. Anette Novak, the wrap is not in its message: “To ensure journalistic diversity and the democratic call will cost a lot more money. And it is the state which should stand for fiolerna.

Sometimes sticking the investigation out of the chin, as when one recalls that the policy parts in a billion in government subsidies. Policy reviewer in the media should at least get as much! Then it’s a bit left if you look at the mediestödet.

Expectations in medieutredningen have been great – and quite exaggerated. The directives were tight. The heavy industrial policy issues was the investigation not even touch. But now, says Anette Novak, the state should put to such an investigation which takes up to industrial policy focused support to newspapers, distribution support, removal of the reklamskatten, etc.

From the demokratisynpunkt a disaster

There are many tidningsdirektörer as the lascivious expected on a proposal to allow the shred the public service tårtans eight billion and sprinkle with the hungry private market. It may look like a crafty idea. Out of the demokratisynpunkt, it would be a disaster. As luck would have it, medieutredningen not gone in the trap. On the contrary, points out the investigation is the important role the public service plays, of the individual citizen’s right to good journalism. It is actually beneficial in these times when the barking with the public service echoes from both the right and left.

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“When the manger will be empty bite the horses.” reads an old proverb. Just as it will be when the ads, which previously fed both journalism and tidningsägarnas income either, it covers one or the other. But there are no guarantees that we’ll get better lokaljournalistik if we put down the Swedish Radio symphony orchestra. They have nothing to do with each other.

Medieutredningens the focus, therefore, is not the mangled media companies, but the citizens ‘ perspective. How should we in the future be guaranteed by an independent news gathering, a serious examination of the authorities and political power, and equal access to qualified journalism?

Interesting discussion

But you should probably see medieutredningen as an interesting basis for discussion, both for citizens, politicians, and media companies themselves. The new aid should not only be able to go to print, but to all possible channels, online and in broadcast media. But it takes a responsible publisher.

Additional support is given to the editorial boards who bet on underbevakade part of the country. Such there are many, not only in the Northern inland.

Many of the rest of the neighbouring communities located in the medieskugga. Offices that are investing more in such underbevakade locations would be able to seek up to half a million dollars extra. It is excellent, but does not cover even one (1) journalisttjänst. Just so that we have the proportions clear for us.

the Investigation also proposes additional support for better accessibility, for example, audio newspapers, and for start-up media for the national minorities: the sami, the torne valley descendents (tornedalians. The new mediestödet shall be divided out of the mediestödsnämnd replacing presstödsnämnden. Which should include qualified people from massmediasektorn, because it “is not the politicians that will share out the money”.

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the Future looks dark out, writes medieutredarna, without shame.

For once, there are reasons to be encouraged by such a bleak scenario. For too long fastest wishful thinking has dominated our thinking patterns. It’s like the very idea of individual play in the social media, the brave, new world has been questioned, barely criticized.

Limitation of citizens

the Image is complex. Great freedom for individuals may involve the restriction of the citizens. Here laborerar the investigation with the really difficult matter. We can think of the publicly-funded journalists who are rushing around in the åsiktstrådarna and corrects factual errors and misinformation? Well. This discussion continues.


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