Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hulk Hogan may 276 mlijoner for sex tape – Expressen

Wrestlingstjärnan Hulk Hogan, is actually Terry Bollea, has made up with media company Gawker.

Now he receives 276 million worth of the company.

this is a four year long lawsuit over.

the Lawsuit between Hulk Hogan and Gawker has been running since 2012. Now, the parties have been settled, reports the CNN.

the Information comes from a press release signed Gawkers founder Nick Denton.

“After a four year long process driven by a billionaire with a desire for revenge, we have reached a settlement. The saga is over. Hulk hogan’s retirement will be comfortable,” writes Nick Denton, in his blog.

the Quarrel took off when Gawker published parts of a sexvideo with Hulk Hogan and Heather Clem, a friend of Hulk hogan’s ex-wife.

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According to the press release get the now Hulk Hogan is the equivalent of 276 million by Gawker.

the process has become an expensive affair for the media company, which earlier this year went into bankruptcy after a court in St. St. petersburg, Florida, decided that Gawker would pay more than 940 million in damages to Hulk Hogan.

the Terms of the settlement are not public.

– As with any negotiation, all parties agreed that it is time to move on, ” says Hulk hogan’s lawyer David Houston said in a statement.

Gawker has meanwhile settled around the two additional events in which they have been reconciled.

Sexvideon like Hulk Hogan appeared in should have been recorded in 2004 and Gawker was the only site which published the video, a little over two minutes long sequence, while the other sites published still images from it.

– The most disturbing with what Gawker has done is that they are proud of it. They played God with the Bolleas the right to have a personal life, hogan’s lawyer, Kenneth Turkel, said earlier.

Hulk hogan’s former lawyer, David R. Houston, has previously said that the film has been made without wrestlingstjärnans consent.

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– this video was made without permission from the Hulk. We shall do everything in our power to find out who has done this. All that shows it should be held responsible as far as the law allows, he has previously said.


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